Modern smart thermostats aren’t simply control panels for your heating and air conditioning. Smart thermostats are equipped with advanced algorithms, WiFi sensors and many other features. Heating and cooling account for nearly half of your home’s energy costs. A smart thermostat offers greater control over your home’s climate and automation to boot. It’s the added control that will save you money.

But smart thermostats offer so much more than just a way to save a few dollars. Momentum AC, your air conditioning service in Tampa Bay, explores the perks a smart thermostat can afford you.

Analyze Energy Usage

There are some smart thermostat models that track your energy usage and show it to you in easy-to-read monthly reports. This is the easiest way to see just how much energy you are using compared to other people.

Vacation Mode

Smart thermostats allow you to set temporary temperatures when you are going away for a vacation or other type of getaway. Your existing settings are all kept so you never have to worry about reprogramming your smart thermostat.

Easy to Program

Thanks to modern screen designs and companion apps, modern smart thermostats are easy to use and easy to program. If you have bad memories of spending hours trying to program your old and outdated thermostat, modern smart thermostats will be a breath of fresh air.

Movement Sensors

Some smart thermostats are equipped with sensors that detect when people are up and active around the house. They then take note of this internally and basically create a house report that you can use to optimize your heating and cooling schedule.

Long-Term Learning

Many smart thermostats have learning functions built into them. This enables them to learn when family members are active and when they are not active. And it comes in very handy when schedules shift during seasons changes.

Control From Your Phone

A smart thermostat comes with apps that you download onto your mobile devices. The result is an app that enables you to check and control your thermostat from wherever you happen to be at the time. This is a powerful tool that allows you to change up the schedule as the need arises.


Smart thermostats continue to grow n compatibility. This means that there is a good chance that your thermostat has the ability to link up with your Amazon Echo or Google Home. It also means that your smart thermostat can also hook up and exchange information with a number of home devices including air purifiers and smart humidifiers.

This way, you can simply control all of these devices all in one location through your thermostat.

The cool thing about being hooked up to an Echo or a Home is that you can control your smart thermometer with voice commands.

Track Weather

Some smart thermostats can track the latest local weather reports and make subtle changes in the temperature to ensure you are quite comfortable in any kind of weather.

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