Summer will be here before we know it and while you may think that your air conditioner is in perfect condition (no pun intended), you could be wrong. After all, the last time you turned on the air was like August of last year and a lot can change in six or more months. On the other hand, you may be considering spending money that you don’t necessarily need to if you believe some of the common myths associated with AC units. In this blog post, we asked the professional HVAC contractors on our team to tell us more about some of the most common myths that we hear about air conditioners. Continue reading below to see what they had to say.

Myth 1: Ceiling fans keep rooms cool.

Many people think that they won’t need to replace an air conditioner that isn’t performing at the best of its ability because they have ceiling fans in their home. This is absolutely not the case. In fact, ceiling fans do not have really any effect at all on the temperature of a room. Ceiling fans actually only act to circulate cool air that is already in the room. This means that unless you are in a room, there is absolutely no reason to have the fan on as it is only working to make your electric bill higher.

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Myth 2: Air conditioning units perform the same no matter where they are installed.

The location of your air conditioning unit is absolutely connected to how well it performs. A lot of people think they can have their AC unit installed anywhere and it will render the same results but this is not true at all. Having your unit installed in direct sunlight, for instance, will not make the unit perform as well as if it was installed in the shade. In general, the best place to have your air conditioner installed is either on the North or East sides of the home.

Myth 3: Inspecting your air conditioner isn’t necessary.

This sort of mentality doesn’t do much for the rest of your home and it certainly won’t do much for your air conditioner. Think what would happen if you never took a few minutes to check out the state of your washing machine or your water heater, chances are you wouldn’t know when a small problem was transforming itself into a larger one, which in the long run would likely end up costing you far more than a minor repair. Inspecting your air conditioner and changing the filters will ensure that your system continues running properly. Additionally, when you feel as though something may be going wrong, you can identify that fast, meaning the professionals from Momentum AC can come check it out in no time.

Myth 4: Setting the thermostat lower than your ideal temperature will make your home cooler faster.

This is probably the myth that gets taken more seriously than any of the other. We cannot tell you how many people think that turning their thermostat down to an extremely cold temperature works to make their home cooler faster. This is absolutely not the case. After all, air conditioners always cool at the same rate. This means there is no reason at all to set your thermostat for 65 degrees so that it can get to 75 degrees faster. Either way, your home will reach 75 degrees at the same time. The only difference? Your electric bill will be much much higher if you are constantly setting your thermostat to such low temperatures.

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