It won’t be long before the coolest of temperatures leave us here in Tampa and we are back into the warm Florida season once again. If you are looking forward to spring and summer, it’s likely that the thought of turning your air conditioning unit on has crossed your mind already. With rising temperatures just around the corner, you are probably wondering if there is anything you need to do to prepare your A/C unit for the coming seasons. As a matter of a fact, there are several things you should do if you want your air conditioning unit to work perfectly once it kicks back on. Learn how to proceed over the next month or two below.

Take A Look At Your Thermostat

One of the most important things for you to do before you begin using your air conditioner on a regular basis is to ensure that your thermostat is working the correct way. In order to do this, you’re going to want to turn the temperature down until it reaches the cool setting. When you have done this, you should then stand near a vent in your home and see if you air conditioning system begins to produce a stream of cold air within a few minutes. If you notice that your system is not producing cold air, or it takes more than a few moments to begin doing so, you might have a problem.

Replace All Of Your AC Filters

This is one of the most important aspects of getting your air conditioning system up and running and yet, many people forget about it entirely. However, since your air conditioner has likely gone months without you having used it, your air filters are probably in great need of being switched out. These filters act as a barrier in your system. They allow for the air to be taken into the system while keeping out other things like dust, dirt, and additional debris. When your filter is dirty it can cause your air conditioning system to have to work a lot harder to perform its normal job. This can mean that you will pay a lot more on your energy bills or you could even damage your system enough that it eventually breaks down.

Clean Up Your Outdoor Unit

Many people tend to forget that they have to tend to their outdoor air conditioning unit. However, your outdoor unit absolutely needs to be cleaned, especially in the spring. This will give it the best chance of working the way it should all spring and summer long. Most of the time, you can clean your unit pretty easily with a brush and a cloth. Additionally, you should try to move any branches or additional items that could be hindering how your unit is working. If this doesn’t work, you can always have a professional come to inspect your unit and show you a better way to remove debris and more from around it so that it can work correctly.

Contact A Professional HVAC Company

If you are ready to prepare your home for spring and summer, it’s time to ensure that your air conditioning unit is going to work properly. Once you complete the actions above, try running your AC unit to determine whether or not it is working the way it should. If you discover that there are some issues with your unit, your best bet is to call a professional HVAC company. Momentum AC in Tampa is here to offer you the assistance you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you or simply call to make an appointment.

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