Concerns about indoor air quality have been around since the industrial revolution. Our indoor air quality poses a serious threat. A study By Johns Hopkins University found that pollution in indoor areas is often twice as bad as the pollution outside. So bad, in fact, that it can cause asthma in children and a number of symptoms that can harm adults.

Everything from aerosols to your furnace has a damaging effect on the quality of air in your home. A few things that make it worse include second-hand smoke, mold and paint. These pollutants may strike inhabitants of your home with allergic reactions, liver and kidney damage and general fatigue.

Knowing this, you are probably ready to do what you can to improve the quality of air in your home. Good for you. Momentum AC, your duct cleaning service in Tampa Bay, offers ways in which you can improve your indoor air quality.

Get Some Houseplants

One very easy and aesthetically pleasing way to improve indoor air quality is by buying several indoor plants. Plants work hard to eliminate toxic agents in your home and produce fresh and clean air.

Floor Mats

The materials you drag in on your shoes can be harmful to you. The streets and sidewalks you walk are full of stuff you don’t want in your home. Floor mats can be used to wipe your feet on when you get home. It would be better to just remove your shoes when you come home, but that isn’t always going to happen.


One quick and easy way to improve indoor air quality is by opening a few windows when the weather permits. This helps to ensure you have fresh, clean air circulating through your home.

Watch Your Humidity

You want to keep the humidity in your home to between 30 and 50 percent. This is the ideal level that will help prevent the buildup of mold. If the humidity gets higher than this, you can expect mold issues.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

If you are like many homeowners, you probably call a professional carpet cleaner every once in a while to clean your carpets. This is something that you need to do much more often. Even though you vacuum your carpet regularly and spot clean. pollutants and toxins live in the fibers of your carpet and wreak havoc on the air quality of your home.

And every time you vacuum, you are kicking up these pollutants and toxins and spreading them through your home.

Stop Spraying Your Hair

Aerosols are one of those everyday items that you need to cut out entirely. At the very least, spray your hair next to an open window. Inhaling the fumes from aerosol cans seen in deodorants and hair spray can aggravate allergies, trigger heart problems and cause skin reactions.

Stop the Smoke

Even though fewer and fewer people smoke, it is still a major cause of indoor air pollution. If you have a smoker in your household, insist that they only light up outside and far away from windows.

And if you are interested in duct cleaning, call Momentum AC today.