If you have started to notice that your air conditioner filter continues to clog up quickly over and over again, it can be extremely frustrating. This is especially true if you have to keep changing it over and over again. While you know that this is not the way things should be, you probably also continue to deal with the issue as you need your air conditioner to be working. The truth is, there could be several different reasons why this continues to happen. Below you can uncover what some of the potential causes are and how you can proceed so that the issue doesn’t persist.

You’re using a 1-inch pleated air filter.

If you are continually buying one-inch filters and replacing your old filter with them, this could be the problem. These types of filters are designed to catch any contaminants in the air and they do so. However, because they are so thin, these air filters simply cannot last very long. With limited space to hold the contaminants, you will have to replace these filters fairly often seeing as how they will begin to fill up with dirt and more much faster than a thicker filter would. In order to solve this problem, we would suggest that you invest in a disposable fiberglass filter or a thick pleated filter. Additionally, you could invest in an air cleaner in order to get healthier and cleaner air in your home altogether.

Your AC fan is set to “on”

If you have set your thermostat’s fan to “on”, this means that the indoor blower is running constantly, always circulating the air over the air filter. When this happens, your filter gets dirtier faster. If this is your problem, it is likely that you also are seeing a pretty high energy bill as well. In order to solve both of these issues, you should switch your thermostat fan setting to ‘Auto’ so that the system only kicks on when the air in the home is being heated or cooled.

Your air ducts are leaking

If you have a duct leak, not only can this increase how much you are paying for energy each month but it can also keep your home from remaining cool. Dust gets pulled into your ducts from unconditioned spaces in your home like the attic or a crawl space which means that your filter will become clogged quickly, making it difficult for your AC unit to work correctly. In order to check for air duct leaks, you will have to hire an HVAC specialist to take a look and seal the leaks should they exist.

You have pets that shed

We all love our pets, but if you have a dog or cat that has a lot of fur, chances are that the hair and dander will clog up your filter very easily. You may want to try brushing your pet outside of the home more often to get rid of excess hair that could end up in your ducts. Additionally, you can invest in an advanced air filtration system as well.

Hire Momentum AC

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