Summer, fall and winter may very well have their fair share of fans, but spring is quite clearly the most loved of the four seasons. Easter, light jackets and blooming flowers, you can’t ask for much more out of a season. Go ahead and mention spring to a friend or colleague and it will no doubt induce a smile and, perhaps, a twinkle in their eye.

And if bright flowers, warm temperatures and cute baby bunnies aren’t enough to convince you that spring is the superior season, there are plenty of other reasons to explore. Momentum AC, your HVAC contractors in Tampa Bay, offers these reasons why spring is the best season.

Fresh Air

Most of you haven’t cracked a window in your house the last six months. Spring is the time of year you can finally open up a few windows and get some fresh air flowing through your home. Which is a really good thing as your house is starting to smell rather funky.

Fewer Colds

Over the winter, you avoid touching anything you fear might leave you with a nasty bug. You even use your coat sleeve to grab door handles in public places. Still, you caught a cold or two this last winter and it seems like you have had the sniffles since late summer.

Come spring, the sore throat and sniffles go away and you are less concerned about picking up a nasty bug.

Better Moods

Spring makes people happy. Even your boss will crack a joke or two and be seen with a smile on their face. After being cooped up all winter, we are all happy to get outside and enjoy warmer temperatures.

From Gray to Green

Come spring, the landscape changes from a dull and listless gray to a wonderful lush green. And in time, that green gives way to bursting colors from blooming flowers and other plants. Everywhere you look, trees have a fresh, green glow and bright and colorful flowers dot the landscape.

Longer Days

In addition to warmer temperatures and stunning colors, spring brings with it longer days. It can get pretty depressing when the sun sets before you get off work. Come spring, you have time to get in outdoor activities after work before the sun sets.

Butterflies Everywhere

Butterflies are enchanting, almost magical insects and we all look forward to seeing them again in the spring.

Ideal Temperatures

We can probably agree that the temperatures in the winter are far too cold. Sometimes it feels as though you will never be warm again. Of course, it also gets way too hot in the summer. You can go for days sweating profusely and hold this constant desire to be in the shower.

But the temperatures in the spring are just about perfect. It is not too hot or too cold. You don’t have to bundle up in layers to stay warm and you don’t have to sweat it out walking to the mailbox to get the mail.

Spring is also the time of year you should be calling Momentum AC to service your HVAC system. Call us today.