We know, we know, you are just now getting used to the fact that it is summer but before we know it, the weather will begin to cool down and you will begin to see the lovely days of warmth and sunlight fade away. Rather than waiting until the cold weather gets here to begin learning about your how your furnace works and how you can ensure that it lasts you all fall and winter long. In order to make sure you are saving energy and not destroying your furnace at the same time,  we have some tips that if internalized now, you can bet you’ll have far more luck with your furnace in the coming months. Continue reading below to get a better idea of how to treat your furnace in the near future.

How To Save Energy

If you paid an arm and a leg to keep your house warm last winter, you may be looking for ways to save money this year. There are several ways you can cut the cost of heating your home and we know all of them. Let’s talk about how you can make this fantasy into a reality.

Replacing Filters

When your furnace recommends you have your filters changed, this is just a recommendation. Changing your filters when you are supposed to will lead to your furnace working properly. Not to mention, you will have clean air being circulated throughout your home instead of dirty air. When you keep your filters clean, you can reduce your energy costs by approximately five percent, which is the goal after all.

Make Sure There Are No Leaks

If there are leaks around the doors and windows in your home, chances are you have noticed in the past that your energy bill is much higher than those of your friends or neighbors. This is because the warm air can escape from the home, while cold air can simultaneously get in.  If you find that there are leaks around the windows and doors, be sure to use calk to seal them as soon as possible. You may also want to check different places in your home where there are pipes for vents that go through walls, as heat could escape through these cracks as well.

Set Your Thermostat

Even if you are someone who likes for your home to feel like a sauna during the winter months, you probably still have your thermostat set too high. Try lowering it to a temperature that allows you to remain comfortable but that also isn’t excessive. Additionally, try lowering your thermostat ten to 15 degrees every time you are going to leave your home for eight hours or more. This can help you to save around ten percent on your heating and cooling bills each year.

Staying Safe When Dealing With Your Furnace

Another thing you should be aware of about your furnace is that you should always keep safety in mind. This means two very important things. The first of the two is that you should not have anything obstructing your furnace. By having anything in the way of your furnace, you could potentially start a fire. Additionally make sure that you don’t have any combustible objects or substances anywhere near your furnace.

One more thing to keep in mind that any changes in the air in your home may be a clue that your furnace is not functioning the way it should be. If there is a smell that doesn’t seem normal, you should have a professional come look at your furnace as soon as possible.

Need your furnace inspected before fall?

If you are unsure of the current state of your furnace and you want to make sure it is ready to begin working once the cold weather arrives, call Momentum AC today. We can let you know what state your furnace is in and whether or not you should change anything about how you are caring for it before you begin to operate it regularly.