One of the main complaints we hear from people about their home’s air conditioner is that the different rooms of their home seem to be drastically different when it comes to temperature. For instance, you get home for a long day at work and walk into your kitchen. It’s freezing, making you think that maybe you accidentally turned the air on full-blast before you headed to the office that morning. You visit your thermostat and find that nothing is unusual. You then walk into your bedroom to see how cold it will be in there. Upon entering, you find that this room is about 10 degrees warmer than your kitchen was. What in the world is going on? Continue reading below to learn more about why the rooms in your home can be different temperatures.

Make sure these common problems aren’t the cause:

There is no one answer about why this sort of thing occurs in homes. The most obvious problems are:

  • A dirty air filter
    If you read this blog often, you are probably starting to catch on that a dirty air filter can cause a number of issues with your air conditioner. This can also lead to uneven cooling in your home, causing one room to be much cooler than another.
  • Closed vents
    This may seem like a simple answer, but we have experienced this before. If you find that some of the rooms in your home are warmer than the others, be sure to check that the vents in that room are actually open. Maybe you are blocking cool air from entering the space.
  • Open windows
    If you have your windows open, you are letting the cool air that your AC unit is producing to escape certain rooms in your home. Close the windows and find how much more evenly your home will be cooled.
  • Air duct issues
    You could also have a kinked or crushed duct. This will lead to certain rooms not receiving as much cool air as other rooms in the home.

What is air balancing?

The goal of your air conditioning unit is to create air balance throughout your home. When it is perfectly balanced, every single room in your home with be at the same temperature at the same time. A home in which all the rooms are at different temperatures at the same time is thought to have an unbalanced system.

What causes an unbalanced system?


When you have ducts that are uninsulated, you could be experiencing an unbalanced system. When ducts are uninsulated, the rooms that are furthest away from the air conditioner will be warmer. On the other hand, rooms that are closer to the AC will be cooler. Most HVAC companies will suggest that you add insulation to your ducts if this is the problem. In some cases, a more extreme process may have to take place and you may have to restructuring all of the ductwork in your house.

Your return vents aren’t doing their job

If you live in a larger home, it is possible that you only have one return vent. This setup will result in warm air being sucked in from far away rooms. You may want to try leaving all the doors open in your home to help aid the return airflow. You may, however, need to have more return ducts added to your home if the open door solution doesn’t work.

Over or undersized system

The issue could also be that your AC unit is too large or too small for your home. A large system will cool down fast, leaving it to shut down faster than it is able to cool the whole home. A small unit may not be able to entirely cool the entire house no matter how hard it tries or how long it runs. If the system if too large, you may want to install some fans to help distribute the air better. If your system is too small, you may need to purchase a new one that is more appropriate for your house.

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